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Paul Dobransky, M.D. is a psychiatrist, public educator, and theorist in the areas of human courtship and character growth who has treated more than 60,000 clients in nearly thirty years in clinical psychiatric care.  


Dr. Dobransky had a mentor in medical school who had spent a career studying the role of vampire and other monster myths as a means of societies educating their citizens about the causes and remedies for pathological narcissism. The connection between myth and science began to fascinate him, which sent him into a study of Jungian Psychology and the connection between stories (and films) and psychology.

Many years later, having the opportunity to meet Geoffrey Miller and other Evolutionary Psychologists, his studies sent him deep into that field as well, and eventually to the notion of one of the fundamental goals of a behavioral scientist: unification theory of the psychologies.

Through all his training and practice, he worked for 25 years on models of character psychology as well as a decoding of the masculine and feminine instincts into integrated systems where both Jungian Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology may meet.

The path above led him to a focus on pursuing a unified model of human courtship—one that attempts to unify the psychologies into a cohesive theory of the principles governing romance, using both the latest research for the operative principles and myth to explain them to the public.


The pioneer of Romantic Dynamics™ - a new systematic approach to analyzing and improving function in mature romantic relationships by dividing human courtship into three overlapping phases, Dr. Dobransky has helped men and women worldwide with their romantic and relationship competence and compatibility in each of these three dimensions, with new ways of envisioning character structure to secure their dynamic durability as a couple. 

The author of two non-fiction books The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love (Penguin, 2007) and The Power of Female Friendship (Penguin, 2008), all backed by his extensive clinical experience helping female patients.

Founding Men’s Psychology Magazine, he served men specifically in the areas of career development and character growth and their positive influence on romantic success.

Having spent the past 25 years refining what would become Romantic Dynamics™ into an interactive, cross-referenced model of human courtship, Dr. Dobransky now programmed a way that users could follow their own unique learning path through its 5000+ pages.

Romantic Dynamics™ exists in the form of a cross-referenced wiki on the science of human courtship, rendered in easy language for a layman’s understanding of the principles of romance, and without losing the reference point of the scientific literature that is synthesized within it. Complete with the “AI Virtual Advisor” detailed above, Romantipedia™ became a platform for intesive learning at the system of Romantic Dynamics™.

Here is a simplified general overview in two forms:



Journalists and students worldwide have sought the advice of Dr. Dobransky. He has appeared on, trained, or maintains blogging platforms with:

·       Psychology Today Magazine (Of Minds and Men and The Urban Scientist) and also at 

·       Male Psychology Network, run by psychologist John Barry PhD of the University College London

·       Prior consultation to the writing staff of Cosmopolitan Magazine at the principles of human courtship.

·       Prior Member - Medical Advisory Board of Men’s Fitness Magazine for Psychiatry

·       Television appearances on love, violence and terrorism for Fox News

·       Gender subjects and relationships with CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360

·       Relationships of Royals and heads of state for ABC’s Nightline

·       Weekly syndicated radio on the Alan Kabel Show, and his own NBC Chicago podcast, The Fireman and the Shrink, frequent guest on Sirius/XM on the subject of human courtship and romance

·       Print expert commentary for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Marie ClaireUSAToday, Wall Street JournalThe LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post , New York Magazine, Slate, E! Online, Radar Online and numerous others.

·       His media reel is located at

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